A Letter to a Host Family

Whatcom Homestay host Greg and international student Ayano sit on a rock with Mount Baker and blue skies in the background.

Ayano and host dad, Greg hiking near Mt. Baker

To my (awesome) second family in Bellingham,  09.08.2015

So, today is the last day of my study abroad in the U.S. I feel this 5 and half months was soooooooo fast! It’s like just one month!! The first day I got here was 31st, March. I arrived here and chose my room, then went to watch tennis match, and ate a hamburger for a dinner! That was the beginning. Actually I couldn’t understand English very much, so I was just nodding for any responses. Sorry about that. BUT!! Each of this family members were sooooo NICE and KIND!

Mom (Jill) chose easier words when I talked to, and described MANY words for me!! Also made me laugh a LOT!! I’m sure that I laughed everyday when I saw you. It also made me relaxed! ALWAYS!! You taught me how much learning English is FUN!! And, when I had a lot of homework, you encouraged me always, and supported me. I don’t know how much you helped me, because I know it’s many many times! And gave me many positive advise for everything. You were like a real mom!

And about my homework. Janette helped me!! That was very great help! Also thank you for sharing your manicures! I love coloring nails, so I was sooooo glad to use them. I just remembered about when we went to the mall at the very beginning and did shopping. At that time, I was still nervous, so I couldn’t response very well, so that was quite silence, I think. But actually I enjoyed it!! Just because of nervous and lack of English skills. And gradually, I became used to speaking, so now, I can talk to you without hesitation!! This is one of my BIG progress, right? 🙂 And! I imitated your saying sometimes! So now some of your words/responses are also mine! And those are really helping my English conversations! Thanks a bunch!

And dad (Greg) taught me very interesting things. You know many things! So I was surprised. BUT…actually I understood 60% of your saying even I was nodding. (Now I can understand 85% though.) Hopefully I can understand 100% when I meet you in next time. I got motivation to study harder!! Also thank you for taking me to go to hiking! I love nature! So every time was relaxed time for me. (Although I forget some names of trees which you taught me.) That was one of my favorite time!

I’m sooooooooo lucky that I could be a part of the family. (Really short time though.) I could eat a lot of AMERICAN food and watched movies!! Those memories are my precious treasure now. I don’t know whether this letter can tell you about my feeling, BUT, the clear thing is that I spent a very HAPPY and FUNNY time since I came here. This is not a last parting, I’ll come back someday with much higher English skills. At least one time I wanna spend Christmas in here. haha 🙂

Lastly thank you for giving me  very NICE and COOL room during my study abroad! I LOVE this room! soooooo much!! That’s why I did cleaning this room many times! I survived with this desk to finish my homework. I’ll never forget! about this, this room, this house, this house location (LOL) and this family!! I’ll remember when I feel not positive for studying English or get quite low points on English tests.

Thank you very very much for everything you did. It’s time to sleep, actually now is 4:00am on the leaving day (9/8). Yes, you know, I’m not a morning person 🙂 okay! See you soon! I’ll send letters sometimes! -Love Ayano