Continuing Support for International Students in our Community

gradsWhatcom Community College’s International Programs would like to thank our homestay hosts for all the continued support for our international students. As we look forward to June and our graduating students, we reflect on all the work it takes to help students be successful while studying abroad. There are a lot of ways international students can be exploited (they can be scammed for tuition, targets because of high-dollar consumer goods, and easily manipulated because of linguistic and cultural misunderstandings).

Homestay hosts are our eyes and ears in the community, often recognizing and raising awareness of threats to student’s safety. We are grateful for your network in our community. Our hosts are valuable resources for our students. Often hosts hear things that are threatening or may harm our students and pass this information on to us in the office. We want to thank you for doing this and remind you to report things to us so we can all help support international students better.

This is just a note to our homestay host community to continue to join us in keeping students safe from exploitation and please communicate with homestay staff in the case that you have any concerns for students. Thank you for all your care and support in helping our students succeed.